Monday, 5 December 2016

A Video Clip That Caught My Attention

This video is about a male seahorse giving birth to 2000 over babies. It caught my attention because usually the female of each animal species that gives birth to their young but for seahorses, it is the male that gives birth.

3 things that I have learnt

  • Male seahorses give birth to young alive
  • The male can give birth over 2000 babies
  • Less than 1000 babies survive to adulthood

About Me

Hi, I am Lek Heng and I am very excited to be going to SST next year. 

I am an avid soccer fan and my favourite team is Chelsea. After PSLE, I have not missed a single match as I can stay up late and watch Chelsea triumph over every team.

I have a few hobbies which are running and reading. I like reading because reading can not only make my vocabulary stronger, it can also distress me after examinations and homework. I like to run because running can make me less vulnerable to illness and it can train my stamina.

My favourite movie that I have watched is Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I like this show because it involves a lot of magic and it can even increase the strength of my vocabulary.

Although I like to play soccer, my parents advise me not to choose soccer as my CCA next year as soccer is not really my strength and I may not enjoy it after a long time. I decided to heed their advice and choose cross-country as I am good in running, I also enjoy running very much.

I consider myself an extrovert because I like to communicate with the people around me and share my thoughts and feelings.I used to talk to much in class that I always get scolded by the teacher.